NEW! Now you have four choices of Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers

Why do we need Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers?

Diagonal set quilts have two different half-square triangles: one for the corners and one for the setting triangles. Use this “no math” ruler to cut both triangles from the same-width strip of fabric.

What are corner and setting triangles? quilt definitions

a = The finished block size is calculated and includes ¼″ seam allowances.

b = The corner triangles are cut with the legs on straight grain.

c = The setting triangles that fill in the ends of the diagonal rows are cut with the hypotenuse on the straight grain.

Why do we have a choice of four?

All four use the same corner concept as our templates. One multi-size ruler offers a no-math solution for cutting both the corner triangles and the larger setting triangles that are needed when patchwork blocks are set on point. Each ruler is small enough to handle easily and large enough to get the job done right. The small rulers areperfect for small quilts, many border designs and even many square-in-a-square designs.

The original From Marti Michell Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers, introduced in 2001, minimized both the size and the cost of the rulers by taking advantage of one of the special features of the engineered corners on our tools. They look like a multi-size corner triangle ruler and they are perfect for cutting the corner triangles for diagonal set quilts from strips of fabric. (The strip width varies with the size of the block and is shown on each ruler.)Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers

Marti Michell Video IconThe original rulers are also perfect for cutting setting triangles from strips, but you have to cut one side of the triangle, flip the ruler, realign and then cut the other side. It is a great technique, but you have to remember the cut–flip method from one diagonal set quilt to the next. Quilters asked for rulers you don't have to flip, so now there are no-flip rulers.

The new multi-size Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers look like a multi- size setting triangle, which makes them perfect for cutting setting triangles from pre-cut strips. With the new rulers, you have to “remember” how to use them to cut the corner triangle. So, it is easier to cut corner triangles with the original rulers, and easier to cut setting triangles with the new rulers. That is why some people will want one of each!

How are they used?

You can get the scoop on how to use both styles of rulers - the original Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers, and the new Full Triangle Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers.


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