One-derful One Patch Kite and Crown

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Kite and Crown, 2 pieces to make 2″ hexagons, coordinates with Set G #8950.

8287 Kite and Crown for Rose Star Blocks

As hexagon quilts are more and more popular, quilters’ wishes for more shapes in the hexagon family must be answered. Happily, both of these shapes also can be used for very nice One Patch scrap quilts.

The Kite and Crown shapes are also used to make the popular Rose Star block and instructions are included for one variation.

Best of all, this template set coordinate with pieces in Set G, so you can have even more fun with hexies!

Six equilateral triangles are created when a hexagon is divided through the center from all opposite points. In a similar way, six kite shapes are created when a hexagon is divided through the center from all opposing flat sides. A Crown is the shape the results when 2 kites are joined on one long side. A Crown is ⅓ of a hexagon and can often be used to replace 2 Kites, eliminating extra seams.

The templates come with instructions, including yardage, for a Rose Star Throw.

Rose Star Throw

If you lost the booklet that comes with the templates, you can download a 3-page PDF on cutting on strips here.

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