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It's All About the Rulers

We had another name for this pattern, but when Helga in Customer Service saw it, she said "it's all about the rulers, right?" Yes, it is! 34 page pattern booklet includes 4 projects to make with our 3 x 18 inch ruler #8972, and Log Cabin Rulers #8037 and 8227. Also includes a chart for planning Sticks and Stones quilts. NOTE: Projects shown below are not shown in proportion to each other.

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It's All About the Rulers Pattern

Marti made this quilt for a symposium at the Int'l Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, NE. Attendees signed the 8.5 inch Chimney Sweep blocks. 44 inches square

Signature Quilt A Good Time Was Had by All

Sticks and Stones miniature quilt. This was originally featured in Marti's now out-of-print book, Quilting for People Who Still Don't Have Time to Quilt. Approx. 21 inches square.

Sticks and Stones Miniature Quilt

Sticks and Stones table cloth, 65 inches square. This is the same layout as the miniature quilt - same thing, only different!

Sticks and Stones tablcloth by Marti Michell

Sticks and Stones Throw, 51 x 69 inches

Sticks and Stones lap quilt

The planning chart helps a lot for making other quilt sizes.

Sticks and Stones bed quilt



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