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My Favorite Rulers™ for Quilt Making  

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Cut Wider Strips and Make Perfect Mitered Corners with our 8" x 24" My Favorite Mitering Ruler™. Our 4" wide Mitering Ruler is perfect for wallhangings, mitered blocks and narrow borders.

rulersrulersJust USE one! We think you'll love these details -

  1. Numbered left to right and right to left! Contains the same printed grid features that people appreciate in our standard rulers.
  2. Visually strong vertical lines every eighth-inch to make cutting strips easier.
  3. Distinctively different eighth-inch, quarter-inch and half- inch lines make positioning easier. Heavier lines every half-inch make counting easier.
  4. An extra set of inch marks mid-ruler is more visible than at the end of the ruler (large ruler only). Perfect for cutting 45-degree diamonds and mitered corners on quilt borders. Perfect for mitered sashings and blocks like Attic Windows, too!
  5. The point has our special engineered "no dog ears" corner, especially important when cutting diamonds.
  6. Laser-cut marking holes on the mitered seam are just the right size for sharp pencils, water or air erasable pens or other long tipped pens. The diameter of the hole allows the tip to reach the fabric at the correct point.

Can also be used for many tasks frequently done by the standard 6" x 24" ruler.

Center top hanging hole. Quarter-inch seam allowance shown on the 45-degree miter.






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