Bed of Roses/Downhill Dreamer

Bed of Roses/Downhill Dreamer Pattern Order this quilt pattern Product No. 30058 $9.98

This lovely quilt design can be made as a TWIN OR QUEEN/DOUBLE using Template Set B or the pattern pieces included. Set D is optional (you can use #25 to cut the rectangles if you own Set D). BONUS: Includes 8-page "How to Quilt in Sections" booklet.

  • 7 Sampler Blocks alternate with the Northern Lights block in a straight set that looks like a diagonal set.
  • Each 16-inch block goes together quickly.
  • No tiny pieces means it is ideal for flannel.
  • Three versions are shown in cotton flannels from Maywood Studio; one is very feminine (Cottage Rose, row 1, above left), another is great for a cowboy's quilt (Prairie Rose, row 1, above right) or a downhill skier's quilt (Downhill Dreamer, row 2, above left). These fabrics may still be available in some shops, however, any fabrics may be used and space is provided to create your own fabric key.
  • 8 1/2" x 11, 20 pages plus 3 pages of color photos.

Bed of Roses is shown below in 2 sizes.

Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses

Downhill Dreamer, shown below, was quilted in sections and then assembled. The back of the quilt is shown at right.

Bed of Roses

BONUS: Includes 8-page "How to Quilt in Sections" booklet.

Bed of Roses

NOTE: Images are not shown in proportion to each other. Please bear in mind that the photos you see here are three steps down from the actual fabric colors. First came the real quilts (all great looking!), then the 35mm slides, then the scans, then "optimization" for the Web.

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