March/April 2004 issue

Use Templates to Make Quilts in Love of Quilting

Fons & Porter'sThis is the conversion information for the patchwork quilts in this month's issue that have patterns the same size as one of our templates. All of our templates are identified by number or letter. Numbers in the diagrams refer to a specific template. Follow the instructions in the magazine, substituting the following information where it applies.



Antique Wild Goose Chase Page 7 Sets A, B and D (7 1/8" blocks); or L and M (8 1/2" block). Plus Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler

Would you like to showcase your collection of Civil War reproduction fabrics in a wonderful Wild Goose Chase quilt like this? No directions were given, but it appears the blocks are only 6" square. We would reommend this 7 1/8" block made with Sets A and B. It has 12 fewer pieces per block and would be very attractive with 7 rows of 8 blocks (56 blocks total). This makes the same size quilt and requires 500 or so fewer pieces!

Want to reduce the number of pieces even more and still have the same size quilt? Make the block 8 1/2" using Sets L and M. Make 42 blocks and arrange in 6 rows of 7 blocks for a seminar size quilt and 2,382 fewer pieces.

Fons & Porters

After blocks are completed, cut alternate blocks the same size and in fabric that matches the background of the Geese. Sew diagonal rows together. Use Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler to cut setting and corner triangles to complete the quilt.

Sunset Wheel of Mystery Page 21 Winding Ways Template Set

We call this block Winding Ways and have a template set for an 8 1/2" block.

Speedy Page 24

Drunkard's Path

If you would like to make the Turtles just a little smaller, we can help with 8" or 9" turtles. Our DrunkardÕs Path tempaltes will also make smaller sizes.

12 of the 20 blocks can be made with our templates
Page 45

Set C

We donÕt have templates this small, but if you would like to make it bigger, our Set C would make a 6" block and Set D, in 8" block.

CordÕs Quilt Page 64 Set A or B

Make it 6" with Set A or 8" with Set B.

Fons & Porters

Civil War Star Page 64 Set A or B

Fons & Porters

Evening Star Page 68 Set D

Pieces B and C on page 69 are teh shapes the late Doreen Speckmann named Peaky and Spike. The size needed for 12" blocks is in our Set D, templates #22 and #23. We also have these shapes for a 9" block in Set C, templates #16 and #17, and a 15" block, in Set R.

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Blueberry Cobbler Page 72 Set B and Flying Geese Ruler

Make 4" Hourglass blocks with Set B, piece #10. Make it 8" with the Flyihng Geese Ruler, cutting the large triangles only.

Fons & Porters

Gold Rush Page 81 Set B

We like using our template trick and guarantee if you follow our instructions (which follow. You can make four patches as fast or faster than when using the well-known strip technique. Howegver, we don't make a 2 1/4" square template. We suggest you jump up to 2 1/2" and use Tempalte #12. Cut the matching squares with Template #8.

Jubilee Album Finishing Page 81 Flying Geese Ruler

Use the smallest triangle set on the Flying Geese Ruler (94+94) to make the star points. Try our 3" x 18" ruler for the 1 1/2" x 15" strips.


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