November/December 2002 issue

Use Templates to Make Quilts in Love of Quilting

Fons & Porter's

This is the conversion information for the patchwork quilts in this month's issue that have patterns the same size as one of our templates. All of our templates are identified by number or letter. Numbers in the diagrams refer to a specific template. Follow the instructions in the magazine, substituting the following information where it applies.

Spirit of Christmas Page 28 My Favorite Mitering Ruler

Use our 8" x 24" Mitering Ruler (Product #8002) to perfect the mitered corners in the striped fabric border of this fun fused quilt.

Cozy Christmas Page 34 Set B

Fons & Porter'sThis 12" blocks in this quilt are a snap to cut with our Set B templates. In both blocks, many double-A pieces can be replaced nicely with B-10.

Tree - 6 blocks
A = #13
B = #12
E = 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangle
F = Set D, #25

Star - 6 blocks
A = #13
B = #12
C = #14
D = #8
The border is #12 squares. If using assorted strips, cut them 2 1/2" wide.

Starry Night Page 39 Set D ; optional Set B

8" blocks. This is another great star pattern made with Peaky and Spike, as Doreen Speckmann liked to call these shapes. In this size, they are pieces #27 and #28 in Perfect Patchwork Templates Set D.

For the snowmen or background fabric, cut 4 1/2" squares using Template #8 if you also own Set B. Put template #27 on the square so the bottom is aligned (fabric right side up) and cut away the righthand edge.

For the star fabrics, cut strips 4 5/8" wide with fabrics right side up. Use Template #23 right side up to cut star points.

Cut borders as described.

Pop Stars Page 30 Set A; optional Set C

Bright unit:
Use the rectangle in Set C and 19 or cut a strip as wide as template #5 and as long as #1. Then add a #6 triangle using the Snowball trick method.

Use #5 and our speedy 4-patch method for the border. Download the PDF here.

Checked unit:
If you want to save fabric, you can actually use our templates to cut a parallelogram in the checked unit assembly. Or you can use the rectangle in Set C #19 and add #6 triangles on the end.

Liberty Star Page 44 Set E would make a runner approx. 12 1/2" x 42 1/2"

The size would be slightly different, but we would substitute 12" blocks made with our Set E; templates #32, 33 and 34. It seems like it would be hard to cut the strips - they are an odd width - but that is not a problem! Remember how we almost always use a template to measure a strip width? (See "The Best Way to Measure and Cut" PDF). Use the smallest diamond to measure strip width.

Snow Buddies Page 49 See My Favorite Rulers

We have acrylic rulers for cutting strips that have special features. If you are ready to try something new, I hope you will look at our rulers.

Christmas Party Page 48 Set B in borders

Use #13, Set B, to cut and piece the half-square triangles for the border of this neat appliquŽ design.

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