Jan-Mar 2004

Marti's Journal

It really is trite, but how can we be looking at another year? It seems like yesterday that we were all excited about millennium quilts and the Y2K scare. Now it seems odd to see a date with a 19 in the year.

You may have already seen on the first page of the site that I have been very honored to be selected as the Silver Star Honoree for the 2004 International Quilt Festival. I received an e-mail from Karey Bresenhan, the Director of the International Quilt Festival in Houston, telling me of the selection. The first thing I did was read the e-mail a second time to make sure I understood it. Then, I was a little surprised she didnÕt call me instead. Then, I was really glad she had not called because the e-mail was full of flattering comments about why I was selected and I would never have allowed her to say it all if we had been talking in person. Now, whenever I need to perk up a little, I can go back and read the message again. The award is actually given at the banquet on Saturday evening of the Houston International Quilt Festival. Maybe I will see some of you then.

On the road again...
My first trip out in 2004 was a very lovely experience as the Featured Artist at the Tucson Quilt Guild's annual show. I had always heard that that show was a very nice event, but now I can testify with personal experience. As part of the Featured Artist gig we lined the teaching room with many of our current full-size quilt models. I donÕt often get to see so many hung at one time so that was fun for me and I think the audience enjoyed it, too. I did two lecture/demo presentations a day. My friend Marilyn Paul had come over from LA to help and thank goodness she did. We had a fabulous response. One of the most interesting things was how many of the people we visited with were just in Tucson for the winter, or the month of January, etc., and for good reason, the weather was wonderful! All of this was arranged by the Featured Artist chairperson and my hostess, Jeanne Beahan Ð we called her Jeanne with Boundless Energy!

I had regretfully given up going to Tokyo this year for the Tokyo Dome quilt show the end of January, but that meant that I was home and able to join my sister and attend the memorial service in Florida of an aunt, the last surviving member of our parentÕs generation. We are a small family, only five surviving cousins in my generation on our MotherÕs side of the family, but we were all together for the first time in a long time.

In February I mostly worked on new product development the first part of the month and then left on the 20th for the northwest where we had a few days with our son Jeff and his family, Carol, Carter and Conrad, before the Puyallup Sewing and Stitchery Show. As always, it was a wonderful show! The very large educational schedule run at this show gives attendees an opportunity to hear from so many different teachers and at the same time gives us a chance to talk to a large audience.

Many of you know that I have cooperated with Maywood Studio on many quilts in the last few years Ð they do the beautiful fabric and I make the quilts. Well, this spring one of their new fabric lines will say From Marti Michell and Maywood Studio on the selvage. We will be presenting it at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh in May and I was hoping we would get samples in February when I had some time in the office, but naturally, it is just coming in now. It is, however, more beautiful than I had ever believed it would be! I started sewing with it last Friday and could hardly quit. The line is called Rose Garden Ð that gives you a clue of what to expect.

But now IÕm really on the road Ð St. Louis, Chicago, Durango, Toccoa, Paducah, and Holland; and that is just March and April. Who agreed to that schedule anyway?

In this Journal's easily amused department....
It barely counts, but since I have been counting State capitols, I was in Olympia, Washington, in February.

Happy Quilting,

Marti Journal

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