July-Aug 2004

Marti's Journal

Once again, I was home only a few days before packing. This time, I was heading for the great Northeast. On Saturday afternoon I flew to Boston and changed planes for Burlington, VT, so I could spend Sunday at the Shelburne Museum. The museum had extended last summer's hit quilt exhibition for a second season and I enjoyed several hours of admiring quilts before being met by Carol and Larry Hoaglund to go to the Centre Harbor, New Hampshire, area for the Country Village Quilter's Guild. My hostess was Helen Kitchen.

Dick and I had first met this delightful trio when we went on the International Quilt Expo tours to Lyon, France, in 1996 and then to Innsbruck in 1998, and I enjoyed seeing them again. We had exceptional weather, two very nice classes and a fun guild meeting. For a special treat, Larry picked me up and drove me to the guild meeting in this great car! Carol and Larry have a great deal of fun touring.

Larry and Marti and Studebaker

I flew home from the Manchester, NH, airport, and the drive from Centre Harbor to the airport happened to go through Concord, right past the state Capital Building - so I can chalk up another state capital!

The day after I got home I left on the next trip, a driving trip to Asheville, NC. I was doing some demos at the Asheville guild show where Michell Marketing was also a corporate sponsor. The show was at the very beautiful North Carolina State Arboretum. Once again, the weather was picture post card perfect! My hostess's very beautiful home was a thousand feet higher than Asheville and it was actually cold in the evening. I could have been home earlier on Saturday evening, but couldn't resist a lovely dinner invitation in Asheville before leaving.

Spent most of Sunday catching up and packing for an early departure on Monday to Nashville for a few days at the Pfaff national convention. Monday morning we got a hand- on demo of the new exclusive features on the Pfaff 2144. Monday afternoon I got my first peak at the “Marjen for Error” quilt - the inter-continental, round robin type challenge quilt I did with Jenny Haskins. (The quilt was named for MARti and JENny.) I was very happy with the quilt!

Jenny and I had had a nodding acquaintanceship for several years when, in March of 2003, our paths crossed during Pfaff Educator training classes in Cleveland, Ohio. We went out to eat with Pfaff's Karen Good and had great conversation. Then, even though Jenny lives in Sydney, Australia, and I live in Atlanta, GA, USA, we saw each other several more times that year. On the last day of the Houston Quilt Festival in 2003, Jenny said, “Let's do a quilt together.” I thought it sounded like fun and said yes. I had no idea what a good experience it would be. The quilt will be published soon, so I won't spoil the surprise by showing a picture. I'll just say I love the quilt and it is something neither of us could have done alone!

Jenny is the editor of “Creative Expressions” magazine in Australia, and a prolific machine embroidery designer/creator/teacher. She was teaching at the convention and invited me to sit in on one of her classes. She does fabulous designs and it was great to get a taste of machine embroidery in her class.

When I finished teaching on Wednesday, I headed back home for a week. Then early on August 18, Dick and I headed back to Nashville. It was the first day of the Nashville AQS show. Stacy and Jennifer Kay shared a booth and were showing our products so that we could go to Iowa. However, we did it in a roundabout way. Dick had never seen the Nashville show, so we drove there, spent a few hours at the show, left our car at the airport and flew very cheap on Southwest Airlines to Kansas City, where we rented a car (a PT Cruiser convertible seemed perfect) and drove to Winterset, IA. There we had a wonderful pork chop, fresh tomatoes and corn-on-the-cob dinner with Liz Porter, Marianne Fons and Jean Nolte, plus a private late night tour of the For the Love of Quilting store and offices. What a treat!

Then we headed for Des Moines, where we would meet our son, Jeff, his wife, Carol, and our grandsons, Carter and Conrad. They live in the Northwest, but Carol was raised in Des Moines and her dad, brother and several other family members are still there. It was Carol's 25th high school class reunion and, happily for us, the Iowa State Fair was on. I love the Giant Dahlia quilt pattern, and I loved the flowers at the fair!

Marti and dahlias

So we had four days of fun before we had to reverse the trip through Kansas City and Nashville and finally come back home. One thing we squeezed in was a trip to the Iowa State Capital building. It has been going through quite a renovation for some years and it looked great!

Iowa Capitol

We got home late Sunday night or early Monday morning, whichever you prefer. Thursday I flew to San Jose, CA. I had a lecture with the Santa Clara Valley guild that night and a class the next day, then I took the red-eye home. My hostess was Polly Lassiter, one of my favorite friends from Quilt Camp in the Pines. I really regretted having to cut that trip so short, but I was desperate to get further along on the Machine Quilting in Sections book so Patti would have work to do on it while I am in Australia and New Zealand next month.

State Capitals to add to the list - Boston, Mass., Concord, NH and Des Moines, IA. I have already counted Nashville. That brings the total to twelve since I started keeping the journal.

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