More Quilting Books

by Marti Michell

Marti has been writing books about quilting for a long time. This list is a mixed bag of books that are still in print and books that are out of print. If you are interested in any of them and they are not available in your local shop, please call us at 800-558-3568 or 770-458-6500 and we will be happy to see what we have on hand for you. Out of print books might be found on a search of used books on, or check eBay periodically.

If you're looking for books that Marti wrote for use with Perfect Patchwork Templates and rulers, click here .

The following softcover books, published by American School of Needlework, are full of information and designs. #8624 and 8626 are basic texts for pattern-free quiltmaking. They will open and expand your world of strip techniques, rotary cutting, etc. #8625 and #8627 are filled with ideas for more quilts to make after learning the information in #8624 and #8626, respectively.

Quilting for People Who Still
Don't Have Time to Quilt

Now out of print
The definitive strip techniques book. Expanded and enlarged edition of Marti's 1988 booklet, "Quilting for People Who Don't Have Time to Quilt." Includes instructions for 13 bed quilts, 33 wallhangings, 5 crib quilts and 6 miniature quilts. Full color. 160 pages.

Quilting for People Who Don't Have Time to Quilt Now out of printbooks

Good Ideas for Strip,
Trip and Shadow Quilts

Order this book books
Product No. 8627

Design Quilts with Strips
and Squares

Now out of printbooks

Strip, Trip and Shadow Quilts for People Who Don't Have Time to Quilt
Now out of printbooks

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The quilts in #8628, #8629 and #8637 (below) are derived from antique quilts in Dick and Marti's collection. Marti includes updated techniques for eight to 12 popular quilts in each book.

Collector Quilts and How to Make Them
Book 1 Order this bookbooks





Product No. 8628

Collector Scrap Quilts &
How to Make Them

Book 2 - Now out of printbooks
Quilting Secrets Grandma
Never Taught You

Book 3 - Now out of print  books

The Weekend books (below) emphasize quilts that can be almost completely made by machine. They are made in sections utilizing Quilt-As-You-Sew techniques. top of page

Weekend Log Cabin Quilts for People Who Don't Have Time to Quilt
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Features Marti's famous 1977 "Woman's Day"
Log Cabin quilt
Product No. 8631

Weekend Basket Quilts
for People Who Don't Have
Time to Quilt

Now out of print books

Learn to Machine Quilt
in Just One Weekend

Now out of print




101 Nine Patch Quilts
Now out of printbooks




160 pages, full color. Chock full of ideas for Nine Patch quilts made from strips. Includes 20 pages of info about grainline, determining yardage for strip cutting and patchwork basics.

Weekend Star Quilts for People Who Don't Have Time to Quilt
Now out of print

The "frames" books (below) give complete details and lots of good ideas for fabric-covered cardboard frames and albums. Co-authored with Sally Paul. These books are now out of print. They might be found on a search of used books on, or check eBay periodically.

Fabric Frames Now out of print    

Fabric Albums & Frames Co-authored with Sally Paul. Now out of print

And finally, Saint Nick's Winter Walk, another of Marti's self-published books. It is now out of print. This booklet includes full-size patterns and instructions for a 32" by 43" wall hanging featuring a three-dimensional old-fashioned Santa, 5 pillows and a variety of ruffle styles. If you look for it on eBay, also search for Holiday Scrap Crafts. The pattern is also in that book. When it went out of print, Marti created the separate pattern.

These books are now out of print. However, they might be found on a search of used books on, or check eBay and the crafts section of your local used book store periodically. Each of these book has 25-40 projects. The first two are mostly fabric craft projects, dolls, placemats, wreaths and quilted wall hangings, pillows, etc. The third book is mostly quilts, all sizes, all skill level and all scrap! The fourth book has a good mix of quilts and smaller projects; many of the projects can be made for year-round use.

Country Fabric Scrap Crafts
Sedgewood Pressbooks

Holiday Scrap Crafts
Meredith Press books

Scrap Patchwork & Quilting
Meredith Pressbooks

Quilter's Christmas
Rodale Press


Successful Machine Quilting;
Meredith Press
Also printed in softcover



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