Perfect Patchwork Quilting Templates

Set Q Block Index

Many of these blocks are given in additional finished sizes in the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volumes 1, 2 and 4, where you will find even more blocks to make with Set Q. They will just be a new size. (All the blocks in those books are indexed on our website, also.)

2 by 2 Blocks
5" finished

2 by 2 Wings
Broken Dishes
Square Within a Square

3 by 3 Blocks
7 1/2" finished

Air Castle
Aunt Eliza's Star
Broken Marble
Double Star
Four Playing Stones
Friendship Star
Golden Stairs
Mock Log Cabin
Ohio Star
Ohio Star II
Pineapple Corner
Pineapple Corner Times
Shoo Fly
Shoo Fly Churn
Shoo Fly Nine Patch
Split Nine Patch

4 by 4 Blocks
10" finished

Patch Compass
Another Pinwheel
Bachelor's Puzzle
Blooming Pinwheel
Box of Triangles
Broken Dishes
Cherokee Square
Clay's Choice
Cubed Lattice
Double Pinwheel
Dutchman's Pinwheel
Dutchman's Puzzle
Evening Star
Fancy Windmill
Flying Geese
Flying X
Indiana Puzzle
Jack in the Box
Martha Washington Star
Peace and Plenty
Pieced Star
Sawtooth Star
Spinning Pinwheels
Tippecanoe &Tyler, too


5 by 5 Blocks
12 1/2" finished

Album Patch
Around the Block
Barn Dance
Board Game
Cactus Basket
Central Square
Criss Cross
David and Goliath
Dots and Dashes
Five-Patch Star
Four-Leaf Clover
In and Out
Pinwheel Star
Plaid Package
Rhodey's Square
Sister's Choice
Square and a Half

6 by 6 Blocks
15" finished

Bird's Nest
Doughnut and Shoofly
Framed Four Patch
Indian Plume
Maggie's Wild Flowers
Royal Square
Secret Message
Starry Cross
Treasure Island
Union Station

7 by 7 Blocks
17.5" finished

Bear's Paw
Greek Cross
Pink Magnolia
Satin Bow
Wild Goose Chase

8 by 8 Blocks
20" finished

Carpenter's Wheel
Delectable Mountains
Indian Trail

Half a dozen blocks from Volume 2 to make with Sets Q and R combined

Cog Wheel, 10"
Sparkler, 10"
Crazy Ann, 12 1/2"
54-40 of Fight, 15"
Claws, 15"
Lobster Cactus, 20"


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