Multi-Size Pineapple Template Sets - Scroll down to see all 3 sizes


NEW Pineapple Pizazz Pattern!

Pineapple blocks

Left, in red: Nine 12 inch Pineapple blocks made with Set 8230, 1 inch finished strip width.
Right, in blue: Nine 12-1/2 inch blocks made with Set 8231, 1-1/4 inch finished strip width. (Now there is a fabric kit available for this 49-inch quilt design!)
Right, in gold: Nine 6-inch blocks made with Set 8262, 1/2 inch finished strip width.

Pineapple quilts are among the most prized quilts owned and many people think they must be very difficult to make. Not any more! Cut accurate size pieces and sew an accurate 1/4 inch seam and in no time you will have a beautiful Pineapple quilt. We provide the tools for accurately cutting the pieces, including seam allowances.

The Pineapple block is considered a variation of Log Cabin because it is made with strips and made starting with a center square and working from the center out, one strip at a time. The number of “rounds” of strips will determine the finished size of the blocks. There is no “cast in concrete” number of rounds that need to be added to the center square to make it an “official″ Pineapple block, but we consider 3 rounds to be the minimum.

From Marti Michell is proud to introduce two Pineapple Ruler Sets; scroll down to see both. Each set features 2 multi-sizes pieces for cutting the graduated strips, center triangles and corner triangles. And we have downloadable Pineapple grid paper for you, too!

You will love the engineered corners that confirm that each strip fits perfectly and that your seam allowance is still accurate. There is no paper piecing, no trueing up after every seam or half round, and virtually no wasted fabric!

Pineapple Quilt BlocksIt may sound like there is not much difference between 1-inch and 1-1/4-inch finished strips, but let’s analyze a little. The 1-inch finished 12-inch block (shown in red) has 53 pieces, which is very attractive for a small wallhanging, table runner or pillow.

The 1-1/4-inch finished 12-1/2-inch block has 45 pieces (shown in blue). Eight pieces don’t sound like much until you are making blocks for a bed quilt -- multiply 8 by the number of blocks (30 to 48 or more, depending on borders) and think about the savings in fabric and time.


#8230 with 1-inch finished strip widths (shown below) $16.98
1-1/4-inch finished strip width
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We recommend using the 1-inch finished width size for making blocks for wallhangings, table runners and other smaller items, as well as small print fabrics.

8230 Pineappe Ruler by Marti Michell

#8231 with 1-1/4-inch finished strip widths (shown below)
1-1/4-inch finished strip width
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Use the 1-1/4-inch strip width #8131 and 15-inch blocks for a king size bed or the big bright prints.

8231 Pineapple Ruler by Marti Michell

#8262 with 1/2 inch finished strip widths
The same 2 pieces for making 4, 5 and 6 inch finished blocks with 1/2 inch finished strip widths, $15.98
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Use the 1/2-inch strip width #8262 for darling miniature blocks -- and another 6-inch block for your Farmer's Wife quilt that you can cut with templates!

8262 Pineapple Ruler for making quilt blocks with 1/2-inch finished strips

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